Indonesia Ceramics, Why Not?

Indonesian Ceramic

Ceramic Industries is one of the oldest industries in the world, and for sure it’s coloured the history of human civilization. The word ceramic itself comes from Greeks Word “Keramikos” which means pottery, a process of clay forming and burning.

Even though at this moment people defined the similar clay craft process into terracotta, pottery, ceramic and porcelain. Actually it’s just a kind of brand to defined the quality.

Of course not without reasons, the differentiation of each classification is due to the materials, process, craftsmanship as well the burning temperature.

With the brand as an art with specific quality, logically the ceramic industry practitioner doing their best to match their design with the customer expectation.

In Indonesia itself, the long history of Ceramic started at Neolithic age, around 2500 BC. Well I still remember when I was young my granny used to carry and served everything on a pottery container. We have some specific name for pottery utensils such as Kendi for drinking water jug, Kendil for pottery pan, Gentong for pottery bucket, etc. Those days were truly sweet memory.

At this moment where the industrial technology growing rapidly, the ceramic industry is still exist. The quality is even better, at this moment we use porcelain more than pottery for our daily usage.

While terracotta, pottery and ceramic itself found their place more as decorative products. Of course this is an esthetic added value which is good for the development of the industry.

This is also the reason why deZavo wanted to promote Indonesian ceramic more, because the design has specific character with the root of Indonesian rich culture. With more than 17.000 islands you will definitely spoiled with the designs you can choose. And for sure deZavo will assist you to find the best of the best.