Best Quality & Best Material

Dezavo Indonesia is focusing on supplying best products with fair prices. Although we sometimes facing problems when we are attempting the products to our clients but we keep try and learn how to keep our commitment to always supply best products.

Wooden Furniture and products we are using teak with mostly prime grade, however we can also still fitting to our client budget. But, we wanted our clients understands the different about the prices, warranty and quality. Although, its best material of wood mahogany and teak will still different.

And we are pleased as we are supported by some of well known brand for the materials furniture such us Sunbrellas fabrics (and Orchestra Dickson), Sunproof, Quick Dry Foam of Urecell also others branded names for the glassware, room needs, ceramics etc.

For some products which we are not manufacture them we only work with first hand producers so that we can ensure that we can delivery best deal to our beloved clients.

In the same occasion we will announce Special Offer with unlimited quota, but please ensure you are aware if Special Offer is limited otherwise you will lost the chance to get our products with great deals!. For inquiry and questions you can always email us at:info@dezavo.com or contact us through our official What’s Up at +6281805144755.